Fancy seeing your fieldwork and research images displayed in public?

We challenge you to enter the first Nijmegen Language Sciences photo competition! We aim to show the public through the medium of photography what it means to do language science. We want to highlight our experimental work, our fieldsites across the globe, and the science we undertake. The photos will be adjudicated by an independent panel.

The first contest announcement can be found here (PDF).

Who can participate?

Any language scientist in Nijmegen with an affiliation or connection to Radboud University, the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, or the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.


Every entry must be sent latest on July 31st, 2013 midnight. No late entries can be accepted.


  • Please include name, address, and image details (caption, location, and category) with your submission.
  • Captions should emphasise the photo’s connection to language science. Captions can be in Dutch or English.
  • Entries must be taken originally by the entrant (or include them in it).
  • If people are identifiable in the image, the entrant must secure their informed consent before submitting.
  • Each entrant can submit up to 3 high resolution photos (digital submission only, unless via prior agreement with the organisers).
  • The entrant should ensure the original has minimum 2000 pixels at the shortest side. The entrant may submit a smaller version (1500 pixels at the longest side) in the first instance.
  • The jury reserves the right to request original (jpeg) files if necessary.


  • The submissions will be judged by an independent jury.
  • There will be an award for the best image overall, and for images in the following categories:
    1. People - Who do you research?
    2. Place - What environment do they live in?
    3. Science - What does your scientific work look like?
    4. Open category - To be determined from the entries, could be e.g. lifestyle, ritual, microscopic


  • Entrants retain full copyright to their photos, and the organisers will cite the entrant as the creator of the work in any future use.
  • By submitting, the contestant grants the organisers of the contest and exhibition the right
    1. to reproduce a low-resolution (72 ppi) version of the photo (max 120o px wide) on the contest website and in other digital materials related to the exhition (e.g. press releases).
    2. to reproduce a printed version of the photo for display in a public exhibition and in other printed materials related to the exhibition (e.g. posters).
  • Any other future uses will be subject to negotiation with the entrant.